A precious facemask

The war in Syria has dropped out of the headlines in the media. But there is still an ongoing and disastrous humanitarian crisis, with millions of Syrians displaced and struggling to make a good life for themselves and their families. The global pandemic has made their situations worse. Many who have found a little work are day labourers whose source of employment has been cut off because of the Coronavirus restrictions. Camps are crowded and often lacking in facilities making it more difficult for refugees to safely distance or wash hands frequently.

But in Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan the resourceful Syrian refugee women in the sewing class have turned their hands to making face masks. As well as earning a little income to support themselves and their families, the facemasks help the crowded community to stay safe.

The facemask is imprinted with the words “made with love by the LWF women in Za’atari Camp”. LWF is All We Can’s local partner in Za’atari Camp.

It was wonderful to receive this facemask from Za’atari, and most of all to know that it was “made with love”.

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