This is Um Abdu (“mother of” Abdu) with two of her grandchildren. In 2015 Um Abdu and 6 other family members had to flee in fear of their lives from the war in Syria. Now they were living in a converted container in Za’atari refugee camp, northern Jordan. This is her story.

Um Abdu’s husband was a baker from Derra in Syria. Their home and business had been destroyed by bombing so the family left for the safety of neighbouring Jordan.

Life in the refugee camp was bleak. Out of the 7 family members living in the container, there was only one breadwinner, supporting parents, sister and husband and their 3 children, with another brother and sister and 2 children of a cousin orphaned when their parents were killed.

The family relied on aid for their livelihoods and were very proud of one small granddaughter who was awarded a supplementary food coupon because she was attending the school in the camp.

This family said they had no hope for the future, no possibility of finding work. They were thinking of leaving, even of going to Europe – this was the first time the aid workers had heard refugees talking of Europe, although we all know that many refugees have taken that path.

There are 80,000 refugees still living in difficult conditions in Za’atari Refugee Camp. Some of them have been there for years and have no expectations of going home. All We Can is committed to supporting these refugees, and is particularly concerned to help children and teenagers.

Children have the right to special protection and help as refugees. Give this family and others like them some hope. Double your donation to All We Can’s Refugee Appeal helping children in Za’atari. Thanks to a generous supporter the first £5000 All We Can receive will be doubled!

Give now : via the website

By telephone : credit/debit card 0207467 5132

Or by post : cheque made payable to All We Can. Send to All We Can 25 Marylebone Road London NW1 5JR.

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